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Superhero Showdown 5K

Supporting the Healthy Futures Program


On April 9th, 2016, the safest place in Alaska was the Superhero Showdown sponsored by Skinny Raven Sports in partnership with the Healthy Futures Program supporting physical activity for youth.  Superheroes and villains alike participated in this fun event.  Children were invited to participate in a 1.3k fun run and many participated in the 5K which followed after.

Ursa Major had the largest team of participants with teachers from almost every grade level. It is a goal of Ursa Major Elementary to promote physical fitness among its students and its staff as well as a healthy lifestyle.  The Superhero Showdown 5k was an example of the ongoing efforts of the staff to participate in meaningful ways in the Anchorage community and support the healthy futures of its students.  

Representing Ursa Major and keeping the city safe were: Mrs. Beltran, Mrs. Peace, Mrs. Pringle, Ms. Rachel, Mrs. Harmon, her daughter Haley, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Finley, Mr. Coderre, and Mrs. Glenn.